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Jul. 23rd, 2015

cant sleep again. so, of course, im here.

im on my phone so there will probably be typos and a complete lack of punctuation.

more wedding planning today. talked to sarah, who is officiaging for us. offered my photographer money bc she kind of seems not to want to do it but i really like her work so im trying to entice her. the bakery finally called and gave us a quote for the decorations. $50 to geek up our cake, heck yes.

bought some slightly fancier paint brushes today. in that i purchased them individually for specific purposes instead of in a $5 20 pc misc set.

i wont get to use them until at least saturday, bc we are going to a--get this--demolition derby tomorrow. with scott the professor, emily the nanny, and tony the gay office administrator.

my life is....interesting.

im listening to harry potter at work while things are hectic and i need to stay focused.

its giving me so many feels.

im on PoA right now.

and at 28 yrs old, i still understand the feeling of wanting to be a part of it. to write, draw, whatever in that world.


a part of me that kevin has never even really experiencdd the full extent of. it was before he came along.

yeah, we play feng shui every now and then with our friends, but Detective Solomom's got nothing on the back stories ive got saved on dropbox. Even if she has a twin sister whose memory shes going to try to modify to protect her from Ming I, but probably fail and wind up giving her schizophrenia.

ok. ive still got it. i can plan a mothafuckin plot twist to rival m night shyamalamadingdong in my SLEEP.

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